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.:Beach Scene:.

Konrad and Brad’s voices faded as I caught sight of Harper and Bree sitting on the tailgate of my truck. Bree had her head thrown back and was laughing so hard it looked like she was having trouble breathing. Harper, well, Harper looked so incredible I was having a hard time just remembering to breathe.


She was wearing a tiny bikini that made me want to cover her up so no one else could look at her, and lay her out in the bed of my truck so I could worship her body.


My eyes dropped to her rounding stomach and my lips stretched out in a large smile. I doubted I would ever find Harper more beautiful than when she was pregnant. I was counting down the days until our son was born, but at the same time, I was hoping this wouldn’t end.


Or I’d just have to get her pregnant again.


A short laugh huffed from my chest and Brad shoved the arm that wasn’t holding my board.


“Since you’re not paying attention to us, care to share what’s funny?”


Not really. I looked over at him and jerked my head in the direction of the girls. “Just watching them.”


“Of course you are,” he muttered and rolled his eyes when Konrad started jogging the rest of the way to the truck.


“Don’t be a little pissy bitch because Sarah had to work this morning.”


“Like you wouldn’t be doing the same if Harper was busy and you were the fifth wheel?” I opened my mouth to respond, but he cut me off. “No, don’t even try to deny it. Remember, I’ve seen what you’re like without her, I know exactly how you are when she’s gone.”


Blowing a deep breath out, I rolled my head and tried to push back the fears that were always quick to rise. I know how I was too. And I hate that I’m fucking terrified of the thought of ever going through it again.


Not knowing how to respond, I walked ahead until I reached my truck. The moment Harper’s eyes landed on mine, the fears vanished. For now, this girl was mine … and that’s all that mattered.


Leaning my surfboard against the side of the truck, I put one foot on the rear tire and climbed into the bed and behind Harper. She dropped her head so her face was facing the sky and her eyes were staying locked with my own as I lowered myself behind her.


I placed my hands around her neck and brushed her jaw with my thumbs as I pressed my mouth to hers. “Hey, Princess,” I whispered against her lips before kissing her deeply again.


When I pulled away, her cheeks were stained red and those gray eyes I loved so much were dark with want. It took every ounce of willpower to remember we were in public so I wouldn’t make the fantasy I’d just been having, a reality. Even with Bree, Konrad, and Brad standing near us, I was ready to lay her out in the bed of the truck so I could take my time giving every part of her body the attention it deserved.


“Hi,” she breathed and I laughed softly at her dreamy expression.


“God, I’m still here. Can any of you wait until I’m gone at least?” Brad gagged and pulled a shirt over his head.


“Pissy bitch,” I mumbled and dodged his fist as he walked around the side of my truck.


“Whatever, Sarah will be off work soon so I’m gonna head back to the house to shower. Later.”


“Oh, wait!” Bree shouted and reached behind her for her large purse. “Before you leave will you take a picture of the four of us?”


“Why?” Brad, Konrad, and I all asked at the same time.


She shrugged and started to hand her phone to Brad. “I have a feeling this is one of those days we’ll want to remember.”


I laughed out loud and grabbed the phone out of her hand. “We’re not taking pictures. This day isn’t much different than most of our weekends, Bree.”


“Well then I want a picture because we don’t have one of all of us. Now shut up, give Brad my phone, and smile.”


Harper turned her little body to face me. “Stop being a jerk. She wants a picture, and we only have one picture together. Just give Brad the phone.”


For Princess, I’d take a thousand pictures. Without another word I handed the phone to Brad and settled in behind Harper.


“Smile,” she whispered to me.


As I put my hands on her small stomach and felt our Gummy Bear turn over, there was no way for me to do anything else. I kissed Harper’s bare shoulder before kissing the soft spot behind her ear. “I am, Princess.”


Once Brad was gone, I jumped out of the truck and pulled Harper off the tailgate.


“Where are we going?” Harper tried to pull back and her soft laughter filled my world when I swung her up into my arms and spun her around as I headed down the beach.


“The water, we have to get GB used to it.” Really, I just wanted to get her away from Bree and Konrad for a few minutes before I lost my ever-loving mind.


“No, it’s freezing in there today! I already tried earlier and I couldn’t do it. And I’m pretty sure GB doesn’t want to go in the water.”


I shook my head and flashed a smile at her. “I’m pretty sure he does!”


“Nope, no, definitely not. He’s sleeping, Chase!” she protested.


“Then it’s time to wake our son up.”


She inhaled quickly and I stopped walking when her face transformed from pouty, to a serenity I’d never seen before.




“I love when you say things like that,” she tried to shrug even though her arms were around my neck.


I thought back to what I’d just said, and my smile grew. “Well, I love you and our son.”


I pressed my lips firmly to hers and walked us into the water. A surprised sound rose in the back of her throat when her feet finally touched the cold water, but she didn’t break our kiss, and I didn’t let go.


I never would.

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