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**I’ll start with the general questions, and then I will have the questions related to particular books**


• What signings are you going to be at/will you do a signing near me?

You can see all my upcoming events right here. I update this list as soon as I find out about them.


• Can I get an ARC of your upcoming book?

If you're a blogger/influencer and would like to take part in my upcoming releases, sign up here.


• In what order should I read your books?

I have all the series, and the order in which they should be read, listed here.


• Can I buy signed books from you?

If you want to purchase a signed copy of my Rebel or Redemption series, go here. For any of my other books, I actually can't sell them. They are sold in bookstores, at Barnes & Noble, and depending on the timing, you can find certain ones at Targets. You can also buy them online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Or check this page for purchasing books.


• Why is it taking so long for your next book to come out?

Haha! I promise I’m just as eager for y’all to have my next book. Just think of how much better it will be when you finally get it? Besides, I want to give you a story that I love, not just a story.


• When is your next book coming out?

Fame [Secrets in L.A., #2] Coming May 2022


• Have you always wanted to be a writer?

HA! No way. I didn’t start writing until right before I turned twenty-two. When I was in college, I actually failed out of my Creative Writing class. The professor told me I would never have a career in writing, and at the time, I told her that was fine by me because I didn’t want to write.


• Where do your ideas for your books come from?

Almost all my books have started off as dreams. (Why I say almost, is because I am writing a book about my friends’ relationship/life together) And I put a lot of my own life and experiences in all my books. For those that are close to me, they recognize certain stories or conversations in my books.


• Is there any advice you can give for an aspiring writer?

Always write for yourself, and don’t write about any certain topic because you think it’s what the public wants. Write what you would want to read.


• I’m an aspiring writer and am working on my first book. Will you read it/give me advice/blurb it?

Unfortunately, I can’t, and I’m so sorry! I have deadlines that have to be met, and a family I desperately want to spend time with. Again, I’m sorry!


• I can’t find STEALING HARPER, NEEDING HER, CAPTURING PEACE, CHANGING EVERYTHING, or SHOW ME HOW in stores. Where can I buy a paperback copy? 

These stories are set in my contracts to only be e-books. But they will do “Mass Market Prints” where you can buy them online through Amazon or Barnes & Noble. But I don’t know when they will happen, or how many copies will be available each time.


• Will you write a sequel to this story/will you write a book for this particular character?

Any book I’m working on, and any characters I have plans for, will be on the What’s Next page until their story is completed and in the process of editing. Then it will be given its own page in the appropriate place in the Books tab.



************************WARNING, WARNING, WARNING, WARNING, WARNING, WARNING. The next questions are specific to certain books, and may [ahem … DO] have spoilers. I will let you know which book the questions are about beforehand, but you have been warned. HOWEVER, if you have not read TAKING CHANCES yet, then DO NOT CONTINUE!






• Are you Team Chase or Team Brandon?

For the LONGEST time while writing TAKING CHANCES, I was Team Chase. But after Chase died, I went back and completely re-made Brandon into the sweetheart we see now. And I have a thing for tough guy/sweethearts. So, I am firmly Team Brandon.


• Why did Chase have to die? Did you kill him because you’re Team Brandon? I’m so upset I can’t go on with the book.

I swear to you, I did not want him to die. I was so in love with him, that was the last thing I wanted. I tried making him leave, tried making him move away, tried making him fall in love with someone else … and then one night I’m writing and all of a sudden Chapter 13 is writing itself and I’m sitting there sobbing, shaking my head and saying “no, no, no, no, no, no.” over and over again. I’d known since the dream that led to me writing TAKING CHANCES, that Harper would betray Brandon with Chase, but that Brandon was her soul mate. I’ve ALWAYS known that. So I just tried to make him leave, but once he died (and I sat there sobbing and gripping my German Shepherd for two hours) I knew it was what was meant to happen. The rest of the story finally made sense to me, and that’s what led to me changing Brandon from being a guy exactly like Chase, to the Brandon we see now. (So, obviously, I didn’t kill him because I’m Team Brandon) I’m sorry if you think you can’t go on, but, trust me, it’s worth it. I know it hurts; it killed me when it happened. But the rest of the story is beautiful, and I’m sending you hugs for your heartache!


• If Chase hadn’t died, who would Harper have chosen?

Like I said in the answer before, I’d known from the dream that started TAKING CHANCES that Brandon was her soul mate. So, even though Harper still loved Chase in a way, it wasn’t the way she loved Brandon. She would have eventually ended up with Brandon.


• If Brandon is Harper’s soul mate, then why did Harper give her virginity to Chase?

OKAY! Here’s a big one. Main answer: Originally, Harper lost her virginity to Brandon, but then this whole “who’s the baby daddy” issue started happening, and it got way confusing, so I changed it so she lost it to Chase. Now, to expand on that answer: Some people have a big problem with that, and I understand because she made Brandon “wait so long”. But think about it in this way, Harper hadn’t been around guys that she was allowed to date, or was really even attracted to, up until just a few months before she lost her virginity to Chase. Losing your virginity can be a terrifying thing, and so having your FIRST boyfriend wait for a few months doesn’t seem that crazy to me. With Chase though, there was always chemistry between them, and it was something they ignored for those months of her being with Brandon, and it just continued to build. When you ignore something like that, and you finally give into it, it’s going to be explosive. And I’m not sure if any of you have ever been in a situation like that (the whole explosive thing) but when you are, and you’re in the heat of the moment, you don’t care about anything else other than what you’re feeling, and that person. You want them. Nothing else matters.


• Will you be doing another book from Brandon’s POV?

No, I will not. Throughout TAKING CHANCES, we pretty much always knew what he was thinking. In the times when we didn’t, we got to see that side of him during STEALING HARPER. So, there wouldn’t be much of a book there like there was for Chase. Chase was the mysterious one, and his story definitely needed to be told.


• No! You can't do this to me! It can't just end like this. Please tell me there is a sequel to STEALING HARPER!

No, OH NO! I'm so sorry. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE go read TAKING CHANCES. You were supposed to have read that first. STEALING HARPER is only an alternate POV of TAKING CHANCES, and TC continues another couple years.



• Why couldn’t Rachel forgive Kash? It wasn’t his fault!

No, it wasn’t Kash’s fault. But remember Rachel isn’t big on lying. And not only did he lie to her, he asked her to marry him when she didn’t know anything about him. She doesn’t punish him because of what happened between her and Blake, she just doesn’t know how to trust him after what she’s found out. And, y’all, seriously? It wasn’t only on Rachel. He left (granted, she asked him to) and he never fought for her. He never went back for her. He just knew he’d messed up and figured he’d ruined her life enough. They were both stupid … as Mason, Eli, and Candice let them know.


• ::Seeing things from Candice’s side::

OKAY! I knew writing this that people were going to have some serious issues with Candice. I even had issues writing her. But when it was all said and done, I could understand her. I knew only a small few were going to be able to understand her as well, and from what I’m seeing so far … that assumption was spot on. So I’m here to make a case for Candice. Kind of. I’m not doing this in hopes that you will love her when I’m done because, well, she does kind of have that “dumb/airheady” thing about her. But I am hoping you won’t hate her anymore when I’m done with this. So bear with me!


• Overall general things:

We have to remember that Blake is Candice’s cousin. Of course, in that, we can’t forget that Rachel is her best friend … they’re so close they’re practically sisters. But numerous times Rachel talks about how Blake could do no wrong in anyone’s eyes. How everyone loved him … blah blah blah. We also have to remember that while all this was going on, Rachel was mad at her. (People seemed to think that Rachel was never upset with her … not true) She told Kash that one of her forgiving lies was “how I had to keep telling Candice I was fine when I wasn’t, and acting like I wasn’t upset with her even though I was.” McAdams, Molly (2013-10-29). Forgiving Lies (Kindle Locations 3168-3169). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition.  We also have to remember that even though Eli wasn’t there when the bad things happened to Rachel, he was there when the bad things happened to Blake’s first girlfriend, Jenn, but Eli hadn’t even realized it was Blake who had done everything. And in reference to Blake, Eli says to Rachel at the end: “A guy I’d always looked up to just tried to kill you.” McAdams, Molly (2013-10-29). Forgiving Lies (Kindle Location 4417). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition. So, it's kind of one of those things where no one—except Rachel, Kash, and Mason—suspected Blake could be a bad person. And why Kash and Mason? Well, they already know who he is upon first meeting. OKAY! On to the next.


• But Rachel told Candice what happened with Blake, and she didn’t believe her. In fact, she acted like a brat. If she were really her best friend, she would just believe her, right?

Uh, you’d think so! But of course, he is her family. And, this is the big one here, Rachel had been fighting against dating Blake for nine months. NINE. MONTHS. And then all of a sudden she decides to accept his offer? Of course, we saw Rachel’s POV so we know why she did. But Candice is just too excited to think anything else. So when Rachel immediately begins backtracking and not wanting the dates, Candice pushes harder to make sure that everything between them works out just perfect. Its not about Candice not caring that Rachel doesn’t want to be with him, I honestly believe it's that Candice realizes Rachel pushes good things away (just as Kash realizes her “shielding”), only Candice doesn’t bring it up to her because she knows why she does it. So I’m sure Candice thinks Rachel is doing this to herself, and Candice is pushing for this because she thinks this will be good for Rachel, and that it's something she wants deep down. When Candice comes back to find her best friend crying and her cousin comforting her, only to find out that her best friend was attacked … she doesn’t have a lot of options on hearing the story since Rachel passes out. Blake takes care of Rachel all night, Candice witnesses this. Rachel also says later in the story that Blake is manipulative. If he can manipulate his way into being a serial killer whom only gets caught four years later because he uses a credit card, is it really so hard to believe he can convince his cousin who loves him that he is the hero? So then Candice's best friend wakes up the next day after being attacked, and like she does with everything, Rachel begins pushing everybody away, starting with Blake. And what easier way than saying he is the one who attacked her?


 *This is probably my favorite* But Eli told Candice and Rachel about what happened with Jenn. Wouldn’t Candice start thinking something then too?

Nope, nope, nope. Because at this point, Candice is already lying. She tells Eli and Rachel she hasn’t seen Blake since school let out … but I don’t think they ever stopped hanging out. She’s not doing it to hurt Rachel. She just doesn’t believe Rachel, and she loves her cousin and wants to hang out with him. No, Candice didn’t tell Blake where they were living, or where Rachel worked. It never says that, but Rachel asked her not to, and because I know Candice, I know she wouldn’t. I guess the only way I can prove that is how even though this whole time it seems like Candice is Team Blake, when Rachel gets upset, Candice still gets pissed at Blake. “Candice called me this morning screaming at me. Demanding to know what I did that would make you go drop all of your classes today. …” McAdams, Molly (2013-10-29). Forgiving Lies (Kindle Locations 3850-3851). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition. This is one of our YAY! Maybe Candice really isn’t heartless, moments. Ha! But but but! If you all noticed, Candice was always waiting to see if Rachel was going to fess up to her relationship with Blake. “Are you staying at our apartment tonight? Or will you be with Kash, or . .  .” “Or . .  . ?” “Will you be somewhere else?” she asked, challenging me. “Where else would I be?” She shrugged. “I don’t know, why don’t you tell me?” “I’d be happy to if I had any idea what you were even getting at.” “Whatever, Rach. I give up,” McAdams, Molly (2013-10-29). Forgiving Lies (Kindle Locations 3581-3586). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition. “Oh, did you already have plans with . .  . someone?” “Someone like Kash?” She shrugged slowly. “Or just someone.” Uh . .  . what? “No.” I drew out the word as I looked at her expectant expression. “Am I supposed to? And who else would I be with? I only ever hang out with you, Kash, and Mase.” Candice didn’t respond for almost an entire minute. She just stared like she was waiting for something from me. McAdams, Molly (2013-10-29). Forgiving Lies (Kindle Locations 2990-2995). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition. So keep in mind, that we already had hints throughout the book that Candice was thinking that Rachel was really lying to her, and she was hurt by this. Because later, we see this from her: “He hates that you treat him like crap at school and that you’re hiding your relationship with him. He showed me all of your texts to him.” I shook my head furiously and attempted to swallow past the dryness in my throat. “I haven’t texted him since our dates at the end of last school year, Candice, I swear to you.” “I’m so done with this, Rachel. I’ve been waiting for you to just come clean to me, but for whatever reason, our friendship doesn’t mean anything to you anymore. But if you’re actually going to go through with this marriage to Kash, at least be respectful to my cousin and break it off with him. Nicely.” McAdams, Molly (2013-10-29). Forgiving Lies (Kindle Locations 3811-3817). HarperCollins. Kindle Edition. Ta Da! Blake has gone so far that he has someone (or just another number that he’s stored as “Rachel”) and texts himself and goes back and forth so it looks like he and Rachel are having a legitimate relationship. Candice is seeing these texts, and seeing how Rachel is hurting her cousin, and it's pissing Candice off! So this entire time we’re seeing the rude side of Candice, one where she’s a horrible best friend. But in her mind, her best friend has become a stranger to her and has changed completely and is hurting their friendship as well as a “relationship” that Candice believes is happening between Rachel and Blake. THIS. RIGHT. HERE is why I feel like we can no longer hate Candice.


• But Rachel told Candice that Blake was watching them and breaking into their apartment. How can she dismiss that?

Well there was no evidence for her to see was there? Sure, there were cameras that no one was able to find until after all the bad stuff went down. But everything that happened in the apartment was weird and random, not something really scary. And Candice sure as hell didn’t notice the guy following them. She’s an airhead! Done. That’s it. There’s absolutely nothing else to this one.


• How could Rachel forgive Candice so easily?

(Okay, I’ll admit, I’ve changed this question! A lot of you asked: Why did Rachel never get mad at Candice?! And then at the end everything was all fine between them like nothing ever happened? Well, like I already said, Rachel WAS mad at Candice.) Okay, Rachel’s parents died. Her only “family” is Candice, Eli, and their parents. And Candice is really her only friend. Yes, she’s done that to herself because of her parents’ death, but, oh well. So Candice is pretty much all she has. Rachel got mad at Candice, was hurt by her, but in the end, understood what happened, understood Blake’s sickness and how manipulative he could be, and couldn’t hold it against her. Haven’t you ever not liked someone you loved? So Rachel didn’t like Candice at times, but she always loved her. And since I’ve already explained why Candice should be understood, I’m going to remind you of a couple key points where Candice is there for Rachel, during the summer when we are all annoyed with her: 1. When Kash sang “I’ll Be” and Rachel was upset, Candice knew exactly what Rachel needed. And after Rachel and Kash’s confrontation, Candice was there for Rachel—holding her, and crying with her. 2. The anniversary of Rachel’s parents’ death. We can’t not see the love Candice has for Rachel here, especially in the beginning of the chapter when Candice seeks out Rachel, not the other way around. Just the same as we still see the loving side of Candice, Rachel sees it too. And when all comes crashing down with Blake, and everything makes sense, Rachel can’t hold the summer against Candice. SO! Now that that’s all said and done, I hope maybe you understand Candice a little bit better. She was never supposed to be an “amazing best friend.” And while I knew a lot of people would hate her, I still understood her, and wanted y’all to get the chance to understand her as well. There wasn’t a whole lot of her simply because this was Kash and Rachel’s story … and … well … Mason’s. Because I love Mason, what can I say? Anyway, hope this helped some!




• Who is the mystery girl at the very end of DECEIVING LIES with Mason?

Honestly, I have no idea. I thought I would one day write a story for Mason, and I would get to find out. But then Mason just kind of left me, and there was nothing. So, unfortunately, I guess I’ll never know.


          SHARING YOU


• What happened to Olivia/Her family/Kamryn's family/Charles in SHARING YOU?

We'll just say that they are living their miserable lives as they always have, and Olivia is enjoying trying to control someone else. The reason you don't see more of them at the end is because each time I tried writing about them, it just dragged.




• Um … at the end of Deceiving Lies, Rachel is pregnant with a boy. In TRUSTING LIAM, there’s no son/brother. What happened to him?
Ha … hahaha. Go read this, it’ll explain it.


• What did Liam tell Kash in TRUSTING LIAM to make Kash like him?

No clue! I wasn’t allowed in on that conversation, I just sort of knew that it happened, if that makes sense. I felt like I was in Kennedy’s shoes, just kind of on the outside, watching it all happen. I figured I’d give it to the readers exactly as I got it!

          SHOW ME HOW

• Why isn't the book in paperback like the rest of your novels? Why is it only in mass market print? 

SHOW ME HOW was originally supposed to be a novella, but then I kept writing and writing and writing, and it went too long, and read too long, so the publishers and I decided to change some things around, while still making it awesome for my readers. We've marketed it as a novel, since it goes way past "Novel" length, but we've kept the novella pricing for my readers. (Isn't that awesome?!) Unfortunately, in my contracts, novellas are e-book "only", but will have mass market prints that are done. And this is still contracted as a novella, so ... mass market prints it is!

          I SEE YOU

• I was extremely confused by the back and forth timeline in this story, was it necessary?

If you’ve read any of my other books—TO THE STARS, for example—then you know I have done, and can do, books with alternating timelines, and make them clear-cut. So why the vague timelines in I SEE YOU? 

You were supposed to constantly be on your toes. Always having a clear sense of where you were by way of the Chapter headings, or where the characters were (ie: That night—the party in the bedroom. The past—most of the time at the beach. Or the present.) But by switching back and forth continuously, and by keeping the themes the same within each time, it made it that much more confusing on where Declan was.

Had he found out about Jentry and Aurora and left? Had he died? Was he just not home yet? Did he go somewhere—anywhere? Because wasn’t he just there, in that scene that was eerily similar to the one I just read … but then, why did Aurora just ask where he was? 😉 So there you go. Confused? You’re supposed to be.

• You left some futures up in the air... Will Declan get his own story? What about Jess/Jessica?

As for Declan, I honestly don’t think we’ll see him again … but I really have no idea. He could surprise me one day down the road! I think he really just wanted everyone to know that he was okay, you know? Okay with life, okay with the situation, okay with everything. It is such a tease, but I think Declan is the kind of guy to leave you with a tease rather than wondering if he’s bitter.

As for Jess, trust me that she will make a fantastic reappearance in Nightshade [Redemption #3]. She’s ready to take everything you thought you knew about her, and shred it in your face while laughing wildly.


• Am I missing something? Is there another story about Lucas and the girl he used to love?

Lucas actually came from another story of mine ... where his name wasn't Lucas. As you probably understand if you've finished BLACKBIRD. I didn't promote the other story when BLACKBIRD was coming out because I didn't want to give anything away, just as I still don't promote them together. I really want Lucas to be a surprise for others. So if you haven't read his other story ... I guess you'll just have to read my other books and find him ;) 

• Will we get more Lucas and Briar? Will we know about their lives now?

No, I'm sorry. They're in their own form of witness protection, so I wanted to leave it up to the reader to decide what their lives were now like, as well as what their new names might be.


• How are FIREFLY and BLACKBIRD connected?

It's a very small connection between the two. In BLACKBIRD, Lucas tells Briar about drugs he and William receive from an Irish-American mob. That mob is the Holloways that you see in FIREFLY. Granted, the Holloways are only part of the story, and not the main part. Their big story will be NIGHTSHADE. But you do see talks of a partnership in FIREFLY between Mickey [the Holloway Boss] and William [from BLACKBIRD] since the stories timelines are roughly the same time.


• In the preview, it shows Beck and a girl named Jess. I thought Nightshade was Kieran?

Kieran IS Nightshade ... however, Beck and Kieran are best friends, so Beck would already be a main part of this story. Furthermore, Jess [Jentry's twin sister from I SEE YOU] is the girl we hear about in FIREFLY that Beck "destroyed." So he plays a big part in both Jessica and Kieran's lives.