Every Life Matters

I tend to stay away from whatever is happening in the media. Don't mistake that to mean that I'm not very aware of what is going on, but I don't think it's something that I should typically get involved in. I'm an author. Whether you're on my website or one of my social media pages, you're there because you've read my books, or I've read yours. Those pages are there for my business, not for me to state my opinion on every political matter we face.

But as we end a week that began with our country celebrating its independence, and with all that has been happening, I don't know how to stay silent. I was up most of the night shaking over it all.

I hurt. My heart hurts.

When did we become this, and how?

I see constant posts about how certain lives matter, whether they're black or blue or LGBT. Why don't we all? Because when you single one out, don't you realize that your hate or your fear for another begins? Don't you realize that you are putting blame on a group of people, and your children are seeing this? This country as a whole is raising our children to see separate colors and separate groups of people rather than Americans.