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Real Romance

REAL ROMANCE .... oh, real romance. What it means to me could be something completely different to you. You might be the girl who wants the flowers. Or the songs sung. Food prepared. The lazy Sunday partner. Whatever it may be. I happen to need the Southern [totally swoonable] man mixed with a little bit of the obnoxiously funny man child. For Real Romance week, I wanted to share a little bit of our story with y'all!

Now, if you know me and follow my social media or read my stories, then you know my husband and I are anything but serious. We bicker in a loving way, and I wouldn't change us for anything. He's my Kash and I'm his Sour Patch (FORGIVING LIES // DECEIVING LIES), and I love him madly. I can be laughing so incredibly hard that I begin drooling on him, and he'll simply hug me tighter and mumble, "Stop drooling on me." Love that. Love him.

But as I said, I need that Southern man. You know the one I'm talking about. The gentleman who makes your knees weak and takes your breath away. The one you only read about in romance novels, except it's your real life.

Yeah. I need that. I found that. He's currently sitting next to me and he still makes me swoon. So how about the first time he he took my breath away? We met through a series of ... odd events. I won't go into all of it, but it was on Myspace. I didn't want to talk to him. I was mad at my friend's fiancé for even giving him (and another Marine) my number without my permission. All I wanted was to tell this guy to never contact me, and thank him for serving our country.

Six hours later, I was still messaging him. Weeks later, countless messages, and a few phone calls (HOLY DEEP VOICE WITH THE HOTTEST SOUTHERN DRAWL) later ... and my roommate and I were on our way to the Marine Corps base in Southern California to meet him and his friends.

The bluest eyes you've ever seen. Dark dark hair. And that dang drawl all wrapped up in this 6' 4'' silent-type, and I was already hooked. He pulled me from my roommate and his friends so we could walk down the beach and talk alone. And we walked, and walked, and walked. But then we came across a little creek running into the ocean.

No big deal, right?

He stopped me from walking toward it so he could go first to see how deep it was, then turned back to me. My heart is pounding just remembering the next few seconds, and I am smiling at my computer like a freak, but my word, this man...He held his hand out to me, and our positions made him look up at me from under his lashes. In that deep drawl, he asked softly, "Can I take your hand?"

Yeah ... love that too.

I very vividly remember inhaling audibly, and then struggling to catch my breath for a few seconds after. I'm pretty sure my mind shouted, Yes ... yes, you can. And my heart. Just take it.

Our first kiss was a couple hours later, and was pretty similar in that he asked. I will never forget that day, or the way I looked over the hood of my roommate's car when we were getting ready to leave hours after that so I could tell her, "I'm going to marry that boy someday."

HOW ABOUT YOU? I want to hear about your #RealRomance!

The campaign will take place from November 2-November 8, and we'll be encouraging readers to share their #RealRomance stories, caption #RealRomance pictures, etc. We'd love for you to be as involved with the campaign as you would like throughout the week, but each author taking part would be expected to post a story revolving around their own #RealRomance on November 4th. This is something you could easily schedule ahead of time to post on the actual day.

The sky is the limit with these real life stories! Tell about your first date with your love, a funny story, your first fight, include pictures or don't. It is completely up to you! We want the real deal on romance. Does your significant other steal bites of your favorite ice cream when you aren’t looking? Do you rush inside to find the remote after a long day so you’re not stuck watching ESPN? Did you play Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who would get up with the kids at midnight? Share those real life moments that make the magic of real romance with real people so much better.

There will be a giveaway for the cross-promotion post using a rafflecopter in which each author taking part will have social media options included as ways for the reader to enter the giveaway. Of course, if you would like to donate towards the giveaway (signed book, $ towards a gift card, etc) to sweeten the deal, that is okay as well.


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