Jun 25, 2017


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Molly, you are my absolute favorite author! I LOVE your books and I am constantly hoping a new one will come out because I have already read all of your books! My question is about Blackbird (btw I didnt put two and two together to figure out Trent/Lucas/Devil was from the Forgiving Lies series until the part when Trent himself confessed his name at the celebration). In the epilogue you told us Briar and Trent were married and had two kids. My question is, if you were going to tell us, what would be their childrens names, what were their new names and where would they be living/working? I was worried something would happen to Briar in this book because it shows on your website that Trent Cruz will always be waiting for Rachel. What made you decide to put these two characters together?

Jul 1, 2017

So first, I want to start off with a SPOILER warning for anyone reading this post!


SPOILER SPOILER SPOILERS. Do not read this thread if you haven't read Blackbird!


You've been warned.


You're still reading, aren't you?


You rebel.


As for their kids, I'm so sorry, I wish I could tell you. But I had a reason for not giving you their names, or Briar and Lucas's new names, in the end of Blackbird. That way you could make them whoever you wanted them to be since they're technically starting over in a low-key form of witness protection . . . more like relocating. I wanted the readers to decide what names they would give them, rather than me give them names.


Along with that, I was afraid it would take away from the impact of their names within the story (especially Blackbird & Devil) if I gave them new names.


As for the "Rachel" on my website, it isn't the Rachel in Forgiving Lies. I have a friend named Rachel, she's one of my best friends, more like my sister. She's Trent's number 1 fan. She's been championing his story since Deceiving Lies came out even when my publishers didn't want his story. Even starting petitions! I've been asked on a daily basis from readers since DL came out if he was getting a story, and I've always said no (and still do) because I don't want to spoil it for people. Which is why I leave it up on my website that Trent is not getting a story. And why I apologized to my friend Rachel for not giving him a story. If you read the dedication, you'll see it's actually dedicated to her! She was the first person to read the book ;)

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